Journalism Scholarships for African Americans

African American Journalism Scholarships

African American Journalism Scholarships

African Americans who plan to study journalism, or who are already studying journalism, may be eligible for several different journalism scholarships for African Americans that are awarded specifically to African Americans. Applying for these scholarships in journalism is important because they are quite lucrative, they will help to pay for your education, and while the competition is stiff, it isn’t quite as stiff as it is for general journalism scholarships, because you won’t be competing with as many applicants.

Most of the scholarships for journalism students that are available specifically for African Americans are available through the National Association of Black Journalists, at You can apply for all of the college journalism scholarships listed through the organization with just one application, which is a huge time saver. The NABJ scholarships offered each year total over $60,000 in awards, with the highest NABJ scholarship amount being $25,000.

One important difference between the NABJ scholarships and others is that you do not have to be a natural born United States Citizen. However, you do have to be attending a school in the United States. Additionally, you need to be either a graduate student, an undergraduate student, or a high school student who is about to enter college. Those who are currently in college must have at least one year of college left before receiving their degree. You must also be a member of the NABJ, with student status. Financial need will be a factor in deciding on winners.

Although there is just one application to fill out for all of the available NABJ scholarships, there are four application packets, which include your 500 – 800 word essays, your transcripts, your resume, and samples of our work, as well as the application. Previous winners of a NABJ scholarship may not reapply.

The journalism scholarships available through the National Association of Black Journalists for the 2010 year include the $2500 Allison E. Fisher Scholarship, the $2500 Carole Simpson Scholarship, the $2500 Larry Whiteside Scholarship NABJ Scholarship, the $5000 Newhouse Foundation Scholarship, the $5,000 Sports Illustrated Scholarship – and the $1250 Visual Task Force Scholarship. Program sponsors may change from year to year. Each individual NABJ scholarship will have differences in criteria so make sure you read the requirements of each carefully.

It is also important to note that individual chapters of the National Association of Black Journalists may also have their own additional African American journalism scholarship programs as well.

Any questions on the above scholarships you may contact Irving Washington at 301-405-7520 or email question to:

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