Broadcast Journalism Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships for Broadcasting

Broadcast Journalism Scholarships

Journalism scholarships are abundant, but there is a great deal of competition for these scholarships. If you can more closely narrow down the journalism specialization on which you will base your education and your career, you will find that there is less competition. Broadcast journalism scholarships are an example of this.

Start with the Radio and Television News Director Foundation Electronic Journalism Scholarships, in amounts that range from $1000 to $10,000. These are available specifically for students who are interested in radio and/or television journalism. You can learn more about these scholarships at

The John Bayliss Radio Scholarship program is also important for future broadcast journalists. In order to be eligible, you must specifically be majoring in broadcast communications, and have a GPA of 3.0. You can learn more about the John Bayliss Radio Scholarship at

Don’t overlook the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Betty Endicott Scholarship, in the amount of $5000. Two of these are awarded each year, and you must be a college level sophomore, junior, or a senior who will not graduate during the award year in order to be eligible. You must also have a major in communications or broadcast journalism. You can find out more about this valuable Broadcast journalism scholarship at

While these journalism scholarships are important for future broadcast journalist, you must not overlook the general journalism scholarships, other journalism related scholarships that apply to your education or career goals, and of course additional scholarships that are not journalism related. Consider all possibilities, and all avenues, when applying for college scholarships.

Also look in local places for journalism scholarships, such as your local newspapers, radio stations, and news television stations. You may be surprised to find that they do have local scholarships available, and they may also have contests that you could enter to win similiar Broadcast journalism scholarships.

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