Coveted CNN Journalism Scholarships for Minorities

Minority CNN Journalism Scholarships

CNN Journalism Scholarships

You may have heard of the coveted CNN Journalism Scholarships Program and wondered how and where you could apply for it. Many journalism students are interested in these minority scholarships because they are worth $25,000 each. Unfortunately, they are only available for minority students.

In fact, the CNN Journalism Scholarships are only available through three specific minority journalism organizations. These organizations include the Asian American Journalists Association, at, the National Association of Black Journalists, at, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, at

CNN donated $1 million to this journalism scholarship program, but has no decision in who gets the awards. These decisions are made by the individual minority journalism associations, and are applied for when the other scholarships offered through the organizations are applied for – usually using just one application. The CNN scholarship program has been available since 2005.

The program was originally called the CNN25 Scholars Program, in celebration of the news networks 25th anniversary. It was also created for the purpose to ensure diversity among the global pool of journalists. While each organization has their own eligibility rules and selection criteria, it is expected that each organization will, at the very least, select winners based on their neutral journalistic skills as well as the organizations individual requirements. CNN also hopes that the winners will be selected based on their involvement in the community as well.

While non-minority journalism students aren’t eligible for this CNN Journalism Scholarships Program, the news network does occasionally offer contests and temporary scholarship programs, which are announced on their news channel or on their website at – although this is very rare. However, if you are in one of these minority groups, it is essential that you apply for the CNN Journalism Scholarships for minority students as well as other journalism scholarships that you are eligible for to help pay your college tuition.

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