Journalism Scholarships for Arab Students

Journalism Scholarships for Arab Students

Arab Journalism Scholarships

Students who are of Middle Eastern or Arab descent who are pursuing an education and career in a journalism related field should be aware that there are several different journalism scholarships available to them, in addition to the scholarships for journalism that are available to all journalism students regardless of their cultural background or race.

One such Arab journalism scholarship is the Al Muammar Scholarship for Journalism, which awards up to four students each year, in the amount of $5000 each. This college journalism scholarship is available to students of Arab descent who are studying at an American college. This award is available through the Arab American Institute, at

You can also get information about the American Mideast Leadership Network Scholarship for Arab American Students, which awards students up to $3000, and is not specific to the journalism field. You can get additional information directly from the website.

The Arab Star Scholarships are journalism related, and are awarded in the about of $3000 for each year that you are in school, and includes an internship at the Arab Star in Dallas, Texas. You can call about this journalism scholarship program, and the number is 214-348-1310.

There are numerous other college scholarships for journalism students and grant opportunities available through the Arab American Institute at It is important that you apply for as many of these scholarships in journalism as you are eligible for, as well as additional journalism scholarships – and other scholarships that you may be eligible for that are not descendant or major dependant. Also note that there are many journalism scholarships available for Arab students who are studying outside of the United States as well. Additionally, there are journalism scholarships available for students who are not of Middle Eastern descent, who intend to follow a career into Middle Eastern related journalism – or journalistic reporting on events in the Middle East as well.

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