The James Alan Cox Scholarship for Photojournalism Art

James Alan Cox Scholarship for Photojournalism Art

James Alan Cox Scholarship for Photojournalism

Are you an aspiring photographer? You need more than great photography equipment and talent; you also need a college education. While there are several art scholarships available for aspiring photographers, you should know about the Cox Scholarship for photojournalism art created by the James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers.

Jim Cox was born in Kingston, New York, and raised in Huntington, Long Island, New York. He spent his adult life in Arizona. He attended Arizona State University. He became a photojournalist, and upon graduation, he worked with the Arizona Cardinals, and then eventually went to work for a local Arizona television station. Jim Cox died at the age of 37 in a mid air media helicopter collision, doing a job that he loved, on July 27, 2007.

The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers was established by the family. It was designed to help support high school and college aged photographers and photojournalists. Not only does the foundation provide college scholarships, but it also works to provide equipment for aspiring photographers and photojournalists as well. Each year, the foundation awards 5 digital cameras to high school students, and five photojournalism scholarships in the amount of $2500 each to college or technical school students.

Of the five photo-journalism scholarships that are awarded, four awards are made for video work, and one is made for still photography. Regardless of whether your entry is video or still, the work must tell a story, as this is the purpose of photojournalism. The topic is your choice, and can be done in a wide range of formats, such as a news report, a documentary, a sporting event, or other types of photojournalism.

The application period for the Cox scholarship for photojournalism art is between mid July and mid October of each year. You must include you application, an essay, a teacher mentor form, two letters of reference, your school transcript, your financial information, a release from the photographer, even if you are the photographer, and a parental release form if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, you must submit a portfolio that includes five digital still images and two videos that are no longer than three minutes each. Videos are only accepted from college students. High school students may only submit still photographs.

Additionally, all entrants of the Cox photojournalism scholarship must be citizens of the United States, and all entries must be made via the Internet. Mail in applications or entries will not be accepted. This award is made based on pure talent. Your academic achievement really does not play much of a role in the selection process; however, you must submit a transcript that shows that you have received passing grades. It is also important to note that financial need is greatly considered in the selection process, but you must also display an actual talent for telling a story through photography. You should also pay special attention to the guidelines for electronically submitting your still photographs or videos, because failure to follow these instructions will immediately disqualify you, regardless of how great the work is.

For anyone who has an artistic photojournalism talent this is a must apply to photojournalism scholarship which will look good on a job resume for anyone who wins it. For more information and to apply online to the James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers visit the Cox scholarship for photojournalism. After viewing this website you will see exactly what it takes to be a ‘photojournalist’ and how truly outstanding James Alan Cox was at his art.

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