Journalism College Scholarships for Hispanics

Journalism college scholarships for Hispanics

Hispanic Journalism Scholarships

Hispanic journalism students have several different scholarship opportunities available to them, including a few nice journalism scholarships for hispanics available through the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, or the NAHJ. The NAHJ was establihed in 1984 and is a Hispanic organization with a mission to recognize and promote Hispanics in the News industry by providing a national voice fof Hispanic journalist. Their approximately 2300 members fight for fair treatment and understanding of Hispanics in the Media and fostering employment and career developement for Hispanics in the news. The NAHJ curriculum is one of providing scholarships, a newsletter, journalism workshops for students, Hispanic Journalism awards, career expo & national convention, local seminars & workshops, mid-career and qualified development programs and an online job bank. As you can see the NAHJ is well rounded in its’ support of the Hispanic community and an NAHJ scholarship is one such example of this strong support.

The main journalism scholarships for hispanics available through the NAHJ is the Ruben Salazar Scholarship Fund. Many different Hispanic scholarships are offered through this particular fund, and sometimes, the funds are matched by other sponsors as well.

In the past year, the association awarded approximately $91,000 in scholarships for hispanics. These college journalism scholarships include the Maria Elena Salinas Scholarship, in the amount of $5000, which is available to students who will pursue a career in Spanish language journalism. This hispanic scholarship includes a match of funds from the Univision Network as well.

Other journalism scholarships for Hispanics that can be applied for through the NAHJ include the Newhouse Scholarships, awarded in the amount of either $5000 or $1250, the Ford Motor Company Scholarship, awarded in the amount of $2000, the Geraldo Rivera Scholarship, awarded in the amount of $5000, the CNN Scholars Scholarship, awarded in the amount of $2000, and of course the NAHJ Ruben Salazar Scholarship, awarded in the amount of either $2000 or $1250. For some of these scholarship programs, the funds are also matched through the Ruben Salazar Fund, and some of the scholarships for journalism from the Ruben Salazar Fund are matched by the Newhouse Scholarship Fund.

Journalism scholarships through the NAHJ are available for Hispanic journalism students who plan to pursue careers in print, broadcast, photo, or even online media journalism. You must be a full time student, and attend school – or plan to attend school – in the United States or Puerto Rico. There may be additional requirements for individual scholarships as well.

Information about all of the available NAHJ Journalism Scholarships can be found at, and the application form is also available through this website when the application period is open.


National Association of Hispanic Journalists
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