General College Journalism Scholarships for Students

General college journalism scholarship for students.

General Journalism Scholarships

If you plan a career in journalism, you will need an education, in a good journalism program. Fortunately, there are numerous journalism scholarships available, including specialized journalism scholarships, as well as general scholarships. If you already know which direction you intend to go in your journalism career, you can apply for more scholarships. Either way, you will want to take advantage of all of the general scholarships for journalism as well.

The Association of Young Journalist and Writers Scholarships are worth $2000 each, and awarded annually. These scholarships for journalism students are available to undergraduate and graduate students, as long as they are enrolled in either journalism courses or English courses. You must be a member of the Association of Young Journalist and Writers in order to apply. You can join or apply at

The Richard G. Zimmerman Scholarship, offered by the National Press Club, is worth $5000, and is awarded to a high school senior who intends to enroll in a journalism program, and who has a 3.0 GPA. Information about this high school journalism scholarship can be obtained at The Persina Scholarship for Diversity in Journalism, which is awarded in the amount of $20,000, is also offered through the National Press Club, and there is only one winner annually.

The Feldman Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Journalism is available only for graduate students, to help defray the cost of graduate school. The award amount is $5000, and you must be in a graduate journalism program. This journalism scholarship is also offered by the National Press Club, at

There are many more general college journalism scholarships, and you should also check with the Journalism Department at the college that you will be attending to find out about school or state specific journalism scholarships as well. Don’t forget to consider choosing your journalism specialization early, so that you can apply for those specialized scholarships as well.

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The James Alan Cox Scholarship for Photojournalism Art

James Alan Cox Scholarship for Photojournalism Art

James Alan Cox Scholarship for Photojournalism

Are you an aspiring photographer? You need more than great photography equipment and talent; you also need a college education. While there are several art scholarships available for aspiring photographers, you should know about the Cox Scholarship for photojournalism art created by the James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers.

Jim Cox was born in Kingston, New York, and raised in Huntington, Long Island, New York. He spent his adult life in Arizona. He attended Arizona State University. He became a photojournalist, and upon graduation, he worked with the Arizona Cardinals, and then eventually went to work for a local Arizona television station. Jim Cox died at the age of 37 in a mid air media helicopter collision, doing a job that he loved, on July 27, 2007.

The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers was established by the family. It was designed to help support high school and college aged photographers and photojournalists. Not only does the foundation provide college scholarships, but it also works to provide equipment for aspiring photographers and photojournalists as well. Each year, the foundation awards 5 digital cameras to high school students, and five photojournalism scholarships in the amount of $2500 each to college or technical school students.

Of the five photo-journalism scholarships that are awarded, four awards are made for video work, and one is made for still photography. Regardless of whether your entry is video or still, the work must tell a story, as this is the purpose of photojournalism. The topic is your choice, and can be done in a wide range of formats, such as a news report, a documentary, a sporting event, or other types of photojournalism.

The application period for the Cox scholarship for photojournalism art is between mid July and mid October of each year. You must include you application, an essay, a teacher mentor form, two letters of reference, your school transcript, your financial information, a release from the photographer, even if you are the photographer, and a parental release form if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, you must submit a portfolio that includes five digital still images and two videos that are no longer than three minutes each. Videos are only accepted from college students. High school students may only submit still photographs.

Additionally, all entrants of the Cox photojournalism scholarship must be citizens of the United States, and all entries must be made via the Internet. Mail in applications or entries will not be accepted. This award is made based on pure talent. Your academic achievement really does not play much of a role in the selection process; however, you must submit a transcript that shows that you have received passing grades. It is also important to note that financial need is greatly considered in the selection process, but you must also display an actual talent for telling a story through photography. You should also pay special attention to the guidelines for electronically submitting your still photographs or videos, because failure to follow these instructions will immediately disqualify you, regardless of how great the work is.

For anyone who has an artistic photojournalism talent this is a must apply to photojournalism scholarship which will look good on a job resume for anyone who wins it. For more information and to apply online to the James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers visit the Cox scholarship for photojournalism. After viewing this website you will see exactly what it takes to be a ‘photojournalist’ and how truly outstanding James Alan Cox was at his art.

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Children’s Media Journalism Scholarships

Children’s Media RogersJournalism Scholarships

Children’s Media Journalism Scholarships

If you are a journalism student, or soon will be, the chances are fairly good that you are looking for as many journalism scholarships as possible, as well as other non-journalism scholarships that you are eligible for. There is also a good possibility that you are overlooking a very valuable scholarship that is also ‘quietly’ available for journalism students as well as other types of students. You can essentially allow Mr. Rogers, from ‘Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,’ help to pay for your education.

The Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship is worth $10,000, and only three are awarded each year. These Rogers scholarships were designed to help pay for the educations of students who are planning careers in ‘Children’s Media.’ Aside from the $10,000 scholarship award, the winners of the award will be mentored by programming professionals in the children’s media niche. These mentors come from the Television Academy based in Los Angeles and New York, and the mentor is chosen based on the Rogers scholarship winner’s location.

Many people mistakenly believe that these media scholarships are only available if you plan to produce or star in some type of children’s television show, as Fred Rogers did. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Children’s Media could mean a number of different things, and a journalism student is a ripe candidate for these scholarships.

The important thing to remember when applying for this journalism scholarship is that Mr. Fred Rogers produced a show that was meant to educate and enlighten children, while increasing social consciousness and understanding concerning children, their lives, and their concerns. What this means is that if you want a chance at one of these Rogers scholarships, your career and education plans should reflect the same goals.

You can get more information at the Fred Rogers Memorials Scholarships.

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Political Blogging Journalism Scholarships

While there are numerous journalism scholarships available, it is always best to also apply for more specialized journalism scholarships, such as those specifically for future photojournalists, or political journalist. However, there are relatively few political journalism scholarships available.

The most notable political journalism scholarship that is available to all is for political blogging. This scholarship is offered by, at The award amount is $2000.

In order to be eligible for this political blogging scholarship, you must maintain a political blog. The blog can be hosted on your own domain and web host, or through one of the free blogging sites such as Blogger.copm or You must also be a college student in the United States, a United States Citizen, and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Your blog may be related to the Republican or Democratic Party or to an independent party – but not all three because there is a finalist for each category. Interestingly enough, the public gets to vote for the winner, instead of a scholarship committee which should make this political journalism scholarship very unbiased.

There are other political journalism scholarships available, but in most cases, they are only available through the school that you are attending or planning to attend so be sure to look into them. In many cases, you must be majoring in Political Science, or at least have Political Science as a minor if you are majoring in journalism instead.

This may mean that you have to choose which one will be your major – Political Science or Journalism – based on which one has the best scholarship opportunities. Before you make a decision, make sure that you consider your chances of winning those scholarships as well and apply to the one that seems to fit for you.

Make sure that you check with the Political Science Department and the Journalism Department at your school for available scholarships for which you are eligible if you are interested in political journalism scholarships, and consider checking with the political party of your choice for potential scholarships as well.

If you have no success with a political journalism scholarship you can always look into government no cosigner student loans which are student loans where you can obtain solely by yourself – no cosigner is neccessary. Government loans are a very good option overall when it comes to education financial aid because they usually have the most favorable interest rates and pay back terms.

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Investigative Journalism Scholarships and Fellowships

Investigative Journalism Scholarships & Fellowships

Have you decided that you want to be a journalist? Do you have dreams of becoming an investigative journalist? If so, you will be happy to learn that you are not only eligible for journalism scholarships, but you may also be eligible for investigative journalism scholarships – and even investigative journalism fellowships and internships.

The Center for Public Integrity Fellowship allows students to attend graduate school, on a full-time basis, while being a part of the fellowship – working on investigative projects. Students who win this fellowship work between twelve and twenty hours per week, and they are awarded with full tuition, in addition to a $24,000 stipend. In order to be eligible, however, the student must have four years of professional experience in journalism. The student will receive a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Public Affairs at the end of the fellowship. You can get more information on this journalism fellowship at

You might also consider the Neil Isaacs and Frank Wright Fellowship in Investigative Journalism. This is a shorter, paid fellowship, which occurs during the summer months. Students who are either sophomores or juniors at Carleton University are eligible, and they must show journalistic talent and skill in order to be eligible. The fellowship is managed through the Center for Investigative Reporting, and there is a stipend of $3000. Housing and transportation are not provided. More information on this fellowship can be found at

Because investigative journalism requires experience in the field of journalism, few journalism scholarships that are specifically for investigative journalism financial aid exist. Those that do exist are typically only available and awarded through the journalism department at the various universities. Make sure that you don’t rule out more generalized journalism scholarships opportunities, and because investigative journalism fellowships are so competitive, make sure that you are not counting on these fellowships or the stipends to help pay for your graduate education.

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Top Sports Journalism Scholarships

Top Journalism Scholarships for Sports

Sports Journalism Scholarships

Sports journalism is one of the most exciting career tracks in the journalism industry. For the most part, it is considered ‘happy’ reporting, because there is seldom actual human tragedy involved. This doesn’t make it any less serious or less competitive however, when you are looking for college journalism scholarships. There are several top sports journalism scholarships that you need to be aware of – if this is the field of study that your passionate about.

First consider the Freedom Forum – NCAA Sports-Journalism Scholarship. Each year, eight scholarships are awarded through this program, sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and awarded in the amount of $3000 each. You must be a junior in college, with a career in sports journalism planned in order to be eligible, and of course, you must be majoring in journalism. Additionally, you should have experience in sports journalism concerning the sports on your campus.

The Associated Press Sports Editors Scholarship is also available, through the Associated Press Sports Editors. Four awards are available each year, in the amount of $1500 each, and they are available for juniors or seniors. Awards are made based on journalistic skill and work, academic achievement, financial need, and the location of the student. You can get more information about this journalism scholarship program at

Don’t forget school specific journalism college scholarships opportunities, such as the one offered to Vanderbilt University journalism students. This award is actually made to a high school senior who will be attending Vanderbilt University, who has a strong interest in sports writing. The amount of this top scholarship is an astounding $40,000, and can be viewed at

Because sports journalism is so popular – and so competitive – you can be certain that the competition for these sports journalism scholarships will also be quite competitive. Make sure that you submit your best work when samples are requested, and make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you are up against in terms of competition. Go to the above individual websites and read up on all they want from a scholarship candidate and do your best to give them exactly what they are asking for in their scholarship criteria. All sponsors of scholarships will make sure that you follow their requirements to be even considered for their award and this is never more true when applying for a college journalism scholarship.

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Special Focus Journalism Scholarships

Special Scholarships for Journalism

Special Focus Journalism Scholarships

There are many career specific journalism scholarships, such as scholarships for sports journalists, investigative journalists, photojournalists, and even political journalists. However, there are also some special focus journalism scholarships that fewer people know about or consider.

For example, if you are interested in promoting the rights of people, you may want to check into the Inter American Press Association’s Scholarship Fund that pays for United States or Canadian students to spend a year studying in Latin America, and a Latin American student studying in the United States or Canada. Applicants must be a senior, and must be majoring in journalism. Additionally, they must be between the ages of 21 and 35, and they must have completed their degree. The award for this special scholarship is $20,000. You can get more information at

The National Institute for Labor Relations Research offers the William B. Ruggles Right to Work Journalism Scholarship. The amount of the award is $2000, and is available for journalism students who have demonstrated an interest and understanding in the problem of compulsory unionism, as well as the importance of volunteering. You can learn more at

Through the Society for News Design, you can apply for the SND Foundation Scholarship. This special scholarship is worth $2000, and is available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in college who are in a journalism program, and show an interest in visual journalism. You can apply for this journalism scholarship at

Additional special focus journalism scholarships include the Taylor/Blakeslee Graduate Study Science Journalism Fellowship, found at, for students interested in Science Writing, awarded in the amount of $2000, and the Medill – Knight Foundation Scholarship Program, which awards scholarships to journalism students who have computer programming skills. This journalism scholarship can be found at

Finally, if you plan to put your journalism degree to use by being copy editor, you can apply for the American Copy Editors Scholarship, at Available to college juniors, seniors, and graduate students, the amount of this award is $2500, with three additional awards of $1000 awarded annually.

Special scholarships for students who have a focused interest can be very financially rewarding for those who take the time to apply!

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Coveted CNN Journalism Scholarships for Minorities

Minority CNN Journalism Scholarships

CNN Journalism Scholarships

You may have heard of the coveted CNN Journalism Scholarships Program and wondered how and where you could apply for it. Many journalism students are interested in these minority scholarships because they are worth $25,000 each. Unfortunately, they are only available for minority students.

In fact, the CNN Journalism Scholarships are only available through three specific minority journalism organizations. These organizations include the Asian American Journalists Association, at, the National Association of Black Journalists, at, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, at

CNN donated $1 million to this journalism scholarship program, but has no decision in who gets the awards. These decisions are made by the individual minority journalism associations, and are applied for when the other scholarships offered through the organizations are applied for – usually using just one application. The CNN scholarship program has been available since 2005.

The program was originally called the CNN25 Scholars Program, in celebration of the news networks 25th anniversary. It was also created for the purpose to ensure diversity among the global pool of journalists. While each organization has their own eligibility rules and selection criteria, it is expected that each organization will, at the very least, select winners based on their neutral journalistic skills as well as the organizations individual requirements. CNN also hopes that the winners will be selected based on their involvement in the community as well.

While non-minority journalism students aren’t eligible for this CNN Journalism Scholarships Program, the news network does occasionally offer contests and temporary scholarship programs, which are announced on their news channel or on their website at – although this is very rare. However, if you are in one of these minority groups, it is essential that you apply for the CNN Journalism Scholarships for minority students as well as other journalism scholarships that you are eligible for to help pay your college tuition.

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Broadcast Journalism Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships for Broadcasting

Broadcast Journalism Scholarships

Journalism scholarships are abundant, but there is a great deal of competition for these scholarships. If you can more closely narrow down the journalism specialization on which you will base your education and your career, you will find that there is less competition. Broadcast journalism scholarships are an example of this.

Start with the Radio and Television News Director Foundation Electronic Journalism Scholarships, in amounts that range from $1000 to $10,000. These are available specifically for students who are interested in radio and/or television journalism. You can learn more about these scholarships at

The John Bayliss Radio Scholarship program is also important for future broadcast journalists. In order to be eligible, you must specifically be majoring in broadcast communications, and have a GPA of 3.0. You can learn more about the John Bayliss Radio Scholarship at

Don’t overlook the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Betty Endicott Scholarship, in the amount of $5000. Two of these are awarded each year, and you must be a college level sophomore, junior, or a senior who will not graduate during the award year in order to be eligible. You must also have a major in communications or broadcast journalism. You can find out more about this valuable Broadcast journalism scholarship at

While these journalism scholarships are important for future broadcast journalist, you must not overlook the general journalism scholarships, other journalism related scholarships that apply to your education or career goals, and of course additional scholarships that are not journalism related. Consider all possibilities, and all avenues, when applying for college scholarships.

Also look in local places for journalism scholarships, such as your local newspapers, radio stations, and news television stations. You may be surprised to find that they do have local scholarships available, and they may also have contests that you could enter to win similiar Broadcast journalism scholarships.

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Journalism Scholarships for Photographers

Photojournalism scholarships

Photojournalism Scholarships

If you’re going to college and you like taking pictures and writing – consider some journalism scholarships for photographers to help with tuition. Here’s how. Journalism is one thing, but photojournalism is something altogether different. With photojournalism, you must tell a story with a picture and a small bit of text – if the text is even allowed. Fortunately, there are numerous journalism scholarships that are especially designed for photographers. Unlike regular journalism, there are additional expenses for photojournalist, specifically for photography equipment and darkroom fees.

Journalism scholarships for photographers are available through the National Press Photographers Association, which include the Bob Baxter Scholarship, the Reid Blackburn Scholarship, and the College Photographer of the Year Scholarship, the Bob East Scholarship, the Kit C. King Graduate Scholarship, the Still Photographer Scholarship, the Gordon Yoder Award, and the Television News Scholarship.

The award amounts for these photojournalism scholarships vary from one program to another, with the lowest award amount being $1000. The eligibility requirements, and the application rules and requirements vary for each program as well, and all of these journalism scholarships for photographers can be applied for through the NPPA at

The Alexia Foundation also offers numerous journalism scholarships for photographers, but these scholarships are part of the contests sponsored by the foundation, found at The first place scholarship award amount for undergraduates is approximately $15,300, or full-tuition to be used to study photojournalism in London. The education will take place through Syracuse University, as a part of the Syracuse University Abroad Program. There are also photojournalism scholarship awards for second place, awards of excellence, and awards for graduate students as well.

Along with journalism scholarships for photographers that are available to pay for your education, there are also numerous travel and assignment scholarships available, such as the Databazaar Scholarship Fund, found at This particular travel scholarship offers American photojournalism students a one-time grant of $2500 to travel outside of the United States – specifically to South Asia – for visual projects.

For those interested photographers who are good at writing start looking into these journalism scholarships in photography to see if you can land one. If you do it will be the best picture you ever took and story you wrote so far.

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Journalism Scholarships for High School or College Publishers and Reporters

Journalism Scholarships for High School

NSPA Scholarships

If you have worked on your high school or college level school paper or school yearbook, and you plan to pursue an education and career in journalism, there are many journalism scholarships and contests that could be very important to your educational future.

The National Scholastic Press Association offers numerous contests that often result in journalism scholarship awards for students who are pursuing degrees in journalism – or not. The only important factor, in most cases, is winning the journalism competitions, which do not use your future plans in the judging criteria but instead use your high school yearbook or newspaper for judging purposes.

The NSPA has numerous contests that only result in non-monetary awards, but the Story of the Year Competition, which is sponsored in part by the American Society of Newspaper Editors, does award $1000 to the overall winner. The overall winner is selected from the top winner in each category. Categories include sports, diversity, multimedia, editorial or commentary, feature story, and news story. You can also compete for the picture of the year, the design of the year, and the cartooning awards, which also offer cash prizes.

The NSPA Journalism Honor Roll is a scholarship awarded in the amount of $1000. One or more awards may be made annually, and the students who apply must have a 3.75 GPA or higher, and have been involved with their high school paper, their yearbook, or other high school media for at least two years.

The Wikoff Scholarship for Editorial Leadership, also offered by the NSPA, awards $1000, and the students school newspaper must be an NSPA member. The student must additionally have a 3.5 GPA and must submit three published editorials with their application, along with a recommendation from the school paper’s advisor.

Although there may be additional journalism scholarships available for students who shined through their high school or college newspaper or yearbook, the awards offered by the NSPA seem to be very good. You can get more information by going to the NSPA scholarships and contests.

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