Journalism Scholarships for High School or College Publishers and Reporters

Journalism Scholarships for High School

NSPA Scholarships

If you have worked on your high school or college level school paper or school yearbook, and you plan to pursue an education and career in journalism, there are many journalism scholarships and contests that could be very important to your educational future.

The National Scholastic Press Association offers numerous contests that often result in journalism scholarship awards for students who are pursuing degrees in journalism – or not. The only important factor, in most cases, is winning the journalism competitions, which do not use your future plans in the judging criteria but instead use your high school yearbook or newspaper for judging purposes.

The NSPA has numerous contests that only result in non-monetary awards, but the Story of the Year Competition, which is sponsored in part by the American Society of Newspaper Editors, does award $1000 to the overall winner. The overall winner is selected from the top winner in each category. Categories include sports, diversity, multimedia, editorial or commentary, feature story, and news story. You can also compete for the picture of the year, the design of the year, and the cartooning awards, which also offer cash prizes.

The NSPA Journalism Honor Roll is a scholarship awarded in the amount of $1000. One or more awards may be made annually, and the students who apply must have a 3.75 GPA or higher, and have been involved with their high school paper, their yearbook, or other high school media for at least two years.

The Wikoff Scholarship for Editorial Leadership, also offered by the NSPA, awards $1000, and the students school newspaper must be an NSPA member. The student must additionally have a 3.5 GPA and must submit three published editorials with their application, along with a recommendation from the school paper’s advisor.

Although there may be additional journalism scholarships available for students who shined through their high school or college newspaper or yearbook, the awards offered by the NSPA seem to be very good. You can get more information by going to the NSPA scholarships and contests.

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