Political Blogging Journalism Scholarships

While there are numerous journalism scholarships available, it is always best to also apply for more specialized journalism scholarships, such as those specifically for future photojournalists, or political journalist. However, there are relatively few political journalism scholarships available.

The most notable political journalism scholarship that is available to all is for political blogging. This scholarship is offered by CollegeScholarships.org, at www.collegescholarships.org/our-scholarships/political-blogging.htm. The award amount is $2000.

In order to be eligible for this political blogging scholarship, you must maintain a political blog. The blog can be hosted on your own domain and web host, or through one of the free blogging sites such as Blogger.copm or WordPress.org. You must also be a college student in the United States, a United States Citizen, and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Your blog may be related to the Republican or Democratic Party or to an independent party – but not all three because there is a finalist for each category. Interestingly enough, the public gets to vote for the winner, instead of a scholarship committee which should make this political journalism scholarship very unbiased.

There are other political journalism scholarships available, but in most cases, they are only available through the school that you are attending or planning to attend so be sure to look into them. In many cases, you must be majoring in Political Science, or at least have Political Science as a minor if you are majoring in journalism instead.

This may mean that you have to choose which one will be your major – Political Science or Journalism – based on which one has the best scholarship opportunities. Before you make a decision, make sure that you consider your chances of winning those scholarships as well and apply to the one that seems to fit for you.

Make sure that you check with the Political Science Department and the Journalism Department at your school for available scholarships for which you are eligible if you are interested in political journalism scholarships, and consider checking with the political party of your choice for potential scholarships as well.

If you have no success with a political journalism scholarship you can always look into government no cosigner student loans which are student loans where you can obtain solely by yourself – no cosigner is neccessary. Government loans are a very good option overall when it comes to education financial aid because they usually have the most favorable interest rates and pay back terms.

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