Journalism Scholarships for Photographers

Photojournalism scholarships

Photojournalism Scholarships

If you’re going to college and you like taking pictures and writing – consider some journalism scholarships for photographers to help with tuition. Here’s how. Journalism is one thing, but photojournalism is something altogether different. With photojournalism, you must tell a story with a picture and a small bit of text – if the text is even allowed. Fortunately, there are numerous journalism scholarships that are especially designed for photographers. Unlike regular journalism, there are additional expenses for photojournalist, specifically for photography equipment and darkroom fees.

Journalism scholarships for photographers are available through the National Press Photographers Association, which include the Bob Baxter Scholarship, the Reid Blackburn Scholarship, and the College Photographer of the Year Scholarship, the Bob East Scholarship, the Kit C. King Graduate Scholarship, the Still Photographer Scholarship, the Gordon Yoder Award, and the Television News Scholarship.

The award amounts for these photojournalism scholarships vary from one program to another, with the lowest award amount being $1000. The eligibility requirements, and the application rules and requirements vary for each program as well, and all of these journalism scholarships for photographers can be applied for through the NPPA at

The Alexia Foundation also offers numerous journalism scholarships for photographers, but these scholarships are part of the contests sponsored by the foundation, found at The first place scholarship award amount for undergraduates is approximately $15,300, or full-tuition to be used to study photojournalism in London. The education will take place through Syracuse University, as a part of the Syracuse University Abroad Program. There are also photojournalism scholarship awards for second place, awards of excellence, and awards for graduate students as well.

Along with journalism scholarships for photographers that are available to pay for your education, there are also numerous travel and assignment scholarships available, such as the Databazaar Scholarship Fund, found at This particular travel scholarship offers American photojournalism students a one-time grant of $2500 to travel outside of the United States – specifically to South Asia – for visual projects.

For those interested photographers who are good at writing start looking into these journalism scholarships in photography to see if you can land one. If you do it will be the best picture you ever took and story you wrote so far.

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