Children’s Media Journalism Scholarships

Children’s Media RogersJournalism Scholarships

Children’s Media Journalism Scholarships

If you are a journalism student, or soon will be, the chances are fairly good that you are looking for as many journalism scholarships as possible, as well as other non-journalism scholarships that you are eligible for. There is also a good possibility that you are overlooking a very valuable scholarship that is also ‘quietly’ available for journalism students as well as other types of students. You can essentially allow Mr. Rogers, from ‘Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,’ help to pay for your education.

The Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship is worth $10,000, and only three are awarded each year. These Rogers scholarships were designed to help pay for the educations of students who are planning careers in ‘Children’s Media.’ Aside from the $10,000 scholarship award, the winners of the award will be mentored by programming professionals in the children’s media niche. These mentors come from the Television Academy based in Los Angeles and New York, and the mentor is chosen based on the Rogers scholarship winner’s location.

Many people mistakenly believe that these media scholarships are only available if you plan to produce or star in some type of children’s television show, as Fred Rogers did. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Children’s Media could mean a number of different things, and a journalism student is a ripe candidate for these scholarships.

The important thing to remember when applying for this journalism scholarship is that Mr. Fred Rogers produced a show that was meant to educate and enlighten children, while increasing social consciousness and understanding concerning children, their lives, and their concerns. What this means is that if you want a chance at one of these Rogers scholarships, your career and education plans should reflect the same goals.

You can get more information at the Fred Rogers Memorials Scholarships.

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