College Journalism Scholarships from Overseas Press Club Foundation

College Journalism Scholarships from Overseas Press Club Foundation

Journalism Scholarships from Overseas Press Club Foundation

If journalism is your passion, and you dream of becoming a foreign correspondent, there is special college journalism scholarships available for you, in addition to general scholarships for journalism students, as well as other scholarships that you may be eligible for. These special scholarships should be strongly considered and applied for.

The special scholarships are offered through the Overseas Press Club Foundation, at which was created in 1939 by some foreign correspondents who who did much of their work in New York City. Their goal was to make professional international journalism better then what it was so as to “improve the media’s understanding of international issues and to raise the quality of news-gathering efforts in covering the world”. By providing scholarships for journalism students they could fulfill their Foundation mission in journalism. The program started in 1992 and has been going strong ever since.

In the past year, twelve awards were made, in the amount of $2000 to undergraduates as well as graduate students in journalism programs that were working towards a career in foreign correspondence. Of the twelve winners, each year six of those winners are selected to travel to foreign news bureaus, such as the Associated Press or Reuters, in other countries. All travel expenses and other expenses associated with this internship, including living expenses are covered as a part of the college journalism scholarships.

Applying for the OPC Foundation journalism scholarship, the aspiring journalists must provide a cover letter, an essay, and a resume, with the application. The essay and the cover letter have very specific requirements, which can be observed on the website. It is vital that you pay special attention to these instructions.

Although the award amount may seem small, in terms of importance, it really isn’t. This special journalism scholarship is considered a prestigious award, which has helped many of today’s foreign correspondent’s start their successful careers. The internship and networking opportunities are the reason why most aspiring journalists apply for and covet one of these twelve scholarships. Also note that the OPC doesn’t just make the award and then forget all about you. They do follow your education – and later your career after you have won the scholarship for journalism, which increases your own exposure as an up-and-coming foreign correspondent.

Again, this is really one of the only journalism scholarships that is reserved specifically for those who want to be foreign correspondents, and it is very important not only in terms of being awarded funds to help pay for your college education, but also in terms of jump starting your career once you graduate.


Overseas Press Club of America
40 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

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