Investigative Journalism Scholarships and Fellowships

Investigative Journalism Scholarships & Fellowships

Have you decided that you want to be a journalist? Do you have dreams of becoming an investigative journalist? If so, you will be happy to learn that you are not only eligible for journalism scholarships, but you may also be eligible for investigative journalism scholarships – and even investigative journalism fellowships and internships.

The Center for Public Integrity Fellowship allows students to attend graduate school, on a full-time basis, while being a part of the fellowship – working on investigative projects. Students who win this fellowship work between twelve and twenty hours per week, and they are awarded with full tuition, in addition to a $24,000 stipend. In order to be eligible, however, the student must have four years of professional experience in journalism. The student will receive a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Public Affairs at the end of the fellowship. You can get more information on this journalism fellowship at

You might also consider the Neil Isaacs and Frank Wright Fellowship in Investigative Journalism. This is a shorter, paid fellowship, which occurs during the summer months. Students who are either sophomores or juniors at Carleton University are eligible, and they must show journalistic talent and skill in order to be eligible. The fellowship is managed through the Center for Investigative Reporting, and there is a stipend of $3000. Housing and transportation are not provided. More information on this fellowship can be found at

Because investigative journalism requires experience in the field of journalism, few journalism scholarships that are specifically for investigative journalism financial aid exist. Those that do exist are typically only available and awarded through the journalism department at the various universities. Make sure that you don’t rule out more generalized journalism scholarships opportunities, and because investigative journalism fellowships are so competitive, make sure that you are not counting on these fellowships or the stipends to help pay for your graduate education.

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