General College Journalism Scholarships for Students

General college journalism scholarship for students.

General Journalism Scholarships

If you plan a career in journalism, you will need an education, in a good journalism program. Fortunately, there are numerous journalism scholarships available, including specialized journalism scholarships, as well as general scholarships. If you already know which direction you intend to go in your journalism career, you can apply for more scholarships. Either way, you will want to take advantage of all of the general scholarships for journalism as well.

The Association of Young Journalist and Writers Scholarships are worth $2000 each, and awarded annually. These scholarships for journalism students are available to undergraduate and graduate students, as long as they are enrolled in either journalism courses or English courses. You must be a member of the Association of Young Journalist and Writers in order to apply. You can join or apply at

The Richard G. Zimmerman Scholarship, offered by the National Press Club, is worth $5000, and is awarded to a high school senior who intends to enroll in a journalism program, and who has a 3.0 GPA. Information about this high school journalism scholarship can be obtained at The Persina Scholarship for Diversity in Journalism, which is awarded in the amount of $20,000, is also offered through the National Press Club, and there is only one winner annually.

The Feldman Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Journalism is available only for graduate students, to help defray the cost of graduate school. The award amount is $5000, and you must be in a graduate journalism program. This journalism scholarship is also offered by the National Press Club, at

There are many more general college journalism scholarships, and you should also check with the Journalism Department at the college that you will be attending to find out about school or state specific journalism scholarships as well. Don’t forget to consider choosing your journalism specialization early, so that you can apply for those specialized scholarships as well.

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